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December 7, 2021

Ryan Aldridge of Servant Specialty Mowing in Brandon, Mississippi, has been mowing grass for 30 years, ever since he worked on his grandfather’s farm when he was little.

“I love cutting grass," exclaimed Ryan.  "I love it so much I often cut grass for free for single moms, the elderly and churches.”

Ryan wanted to make a living out of cutting grass, but quickly saw that the residential mowing market is saturated. He also noticed that it was easy for others to quickly undercut a price by $10 or so and take a job away. Ryan wanted to work for himself and eventually decided to do commercial mowing, tackling jobs for banks, hotels and gas stations.

Then he discovered specialty mowing. He came across a YouTube video on RC Mowers and finally decided to establish a business around mowing steep slopes and wet areas. After being wowed by the RC Mowers tracked slope mowers during the company’s Great American Road Show, he decided to purchase one.

He quickly landed a job mowing around retention ponds at a local HOA (homeowners association).

He also had his sights on a major reservoir nearby. That reservoir had traditionally been mowed using bush hogs, but Ryan said that the bush hogs tended to slide on the wet grass when the slopes got too steep and often damaged the grass. Tractors often couldn’t get into some of the fenced areas around the dam.

“Because the TK-52XP has tracks, it is better for the slopes, which average 30 degrees, and it could easily get into the fenced areas,” said Ryan.

He worked his way into some jobs at the reservoir and they called him back with more work on several occasions, including when they had breakdowns of their own equipment.

Grass stabilizes dirt and Bermuda grass is the best for that, but it needs more maintenance. Turns out that some reservoirs have Bermuda grass, but don’t have a consistent mowing schedule because of the rain. With the TK-52XP, Ryan can provide them with a consistent schedule because it works so well on wet grass.

“The RC Mowers TK-52XP has opened many doors because there are not many companies like mine that can mow steep slopes, wet areas, pipelines and more. I expect to generate more than $150k in revenue from the mower in 2022.”

He also comments that people often stop to look at the mower, take photos and ask questions.