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November 25, 2019

Many areas of the Midwest are overrun with non-native phragmites, also known as common reed. These aggressive wetland grasses often choke out native plants, invading large areas and causing limited visibility along roadways, waterways, and pedestrian paths. Because of the nature of this invasive species, the reeds often grow in low-lying wet regions. They are nearly impossible to maintain with standard mowing and trimming equipment. 

Oneida Nation of Wisconsin is a federally-protected reservation lying along the banks of Duck Creek in Wisconsin.  Oneida Nation's Environmental Health & Safety Division actively devotes its time to the preservation, restoration, and enhancement of the environment and natural resources  They are responsible for maintaining more than 20 natural areas and many miles of accessible trails for community use and they were struggling to preserve the areas with heavy phragmites.

Before learning about RC Mowers' game-changing tracked remote-operated robotic slope mowers, Oneida Nation attempted to control the quickly-spreading reeds with a combination of herbicides and tractors with pull-behind brush mowers. Often, the equipment would get stuck in the wet and low-lying areas requiring even more time and human resources to free it from the challenging terrain.

After consulting a highly-trained RC Mowers Regional Sales Manager to identify their mowing needs and ideal slope mowing machine, Oneida Nation purchased the tracked TK-52XP model. Easily navigating wet, boggy, and sloped areas, RC Mowers remote-operated slope mowers also provide a natural and environmentally friendly way to control the invasive species.

“We’ve been able to effectively maintain areas near and around our natural areas, improving the look and experience for our customers and community. We’ve also been able to get invasive Phragmites under control in areas where we couldn’t before.” –Mike Arce, Environmental Specialist, Oneida Nation (Wisconsin)

The TK-52XP now helps the people of Oneida Nation conserve their natural habitats by controlling invasive phragmites. Our slope mower also expands Oneida Nation’s mowing capabilities with its thoughtfully-designed remote control, enhanced safety features, and expanded slope mowing capability of up to 50-degrees, freeing up time and resources to be allocated elsewhere.

“The crew loves how easy the RC Mowers machine is to operate.” –Mike Arce, Environmental Specialist, Oneida Nation (Wisconsin)

RC Mowers is not the only remote-controlled slope mowing company on the market, nor were we the first. But around here we do things differently. We utilize cutting-edge, American-made remote-controlled technology to solve traditional challenges. We stand behind our product and we listen to our customers to make sure we are offering the best and most robust product in the marketplace.

With certified dealers and highly-trained staff throughout the United States, a better slope mowing solution is just a few clicks away. Use our dealer locatorto find an RC Mowers dealer near you, or give us a call at 920-634-2227 for more information about how our slope mowing machines are just what your team needs to redefine your business.