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Redefining the Business of Mowing

Without proper equipment, mowing slopes and difficult landscapes is time-consuming, dangerous, and inefficient. Simply put, using a weed-whacker or a ride-on mower to maintain slopes and rough or hazardous terrain is just not safe, and not smart.

Our American-made remote-operated slope mowers offer a smarter, safer way to maintain steep slopes and extreme landscapes. Bringing technology to bear with traditional problems, we create smart mowers that deliver game-changing opportunities – including safer working conditions, more capabilities, better work environments, versatility, new revenue streams, and the ability to attract, hire, and retain talented workers.

We are redefining the business of commercial mowing.

Our remote-operated slope mowers are a fit for your organization, if you have a need to:

▸ Efficiently and safely maintain steep slopes and difficult terrain

▸ Avoid putting staff in unsafe situations to mow sloped or hazardous ground

▸ Recruit and retain talented workers

▸ Take on advanced mowing jobs with steep slopes or rough terrain

▸ Expand beyond your current equipment’s limited capabilities

▸ Mow and maintain ponds, swamps or marshlands

▸ Have expedited customer service and replacement parts

▸ Stop wasting time and manpower to manually trim sloped areas


Learn more about how an RC Mowers remote-operated slope mower can handle your most challenging slopes and terrain. Drop your details here and expect to hear from an RC Mowers Regional Sales Manager shortly. Together, you’ll work through your specific mowing and terrain challenges, and narrow down which of our models is your ideal solution.

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