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January 29, 2021

Many county water departments have the unique challenge of mowing and maintaining a vast array of terrain. For those operating in hilly, wet, or vegetative-dense areas, the ability to safely maintain this terrain can be an elusive task. Federal agencies and municipalities struggled to maintain sloped terrain using traditional mowing solutions before specialty slope mowers were introduced.

The Department of Water Supply in Maui County, Hawaii is a prime example.  Traditionally they handled maintenance work with manpower using hand-held weed trimmers and ride-on mowers. Not only does that equipment tear up the hillside, slipping, and sliding in wet conditions, it also increases the risk of mowing-related accidents.

With safety becoming a primary focus for municipal agencies across Hawaii and beyond, Maui County decided to lead the way in searching for a safer and more efficient slope mowing solution. Deciding that a partnership with RC Mowers offered the superior solution and product to meet their mowing and terrain needs, Maui County became our first 'overseas' partner.

Maintaining slopes has always been an issue in Hawaii. Now, other organizations on the island are looking to us as an example of a way to do the work safely.” –Jason Koskey, O&M Supervisor, West District, County of Maui (HI)

Since working with our highly-trained sales team to choose their ideal slope mower after a February 2019 demonstration at one of their water treatment plants, Maui County has put their TK-52XP remote-controlled mower to the test in multiple locations and varied terrains around the island.

The hands-on training for staff conducted on Maui, HI, equipped them to use their remote-controlled slope mowing machine safely and efficiently, increasing their mowing capacity and making what was once the most difficult aspect of sloped terrain maintenance, a pleasure.

“Since we bought our RC Mower we’ve been able to find uses for the machine that we didn’t anticipate. We’ve put the machine through tough areas and each time it performed better than expected.” Jason Koskey, O&M Supervisor, West District, County of Maui (HI)

Jason Koskey, O&M Supervisor for the Western Distract of Maui (HI) County was eager to report that, in the past year, his team has not only been able to optimize their slope mowing machine, but to share the equipment with other municipal facilities and find additional, unanticipated uses for it. Even in some of Hawaii’s uniquely dense and wet vegetation, RC Mowers' tracked slope mowing machine continues to perform and exceed expectations.

Thoughtfully designed to be the ideal solution to a vast array of slope mowing needs, RC Mowers' remote-operated slope mowers can safely and efficiently mow slopes up to 50 degrees. Manufactured entirely in the United States, our mowers are a reflection of our leadership: versatile, whip-smart, and 100% American-made.

If your municipality is searching for a superior solution to its slope mowing and maintenance challenges, contact an RC Mowers dealer today. Together, we’ll help identify your slope mowing needs, recommend your ideal machine, and set up a free demo.