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RC Mowers’ TK-60XP allowed Landscapes USA to post 92% labor savings within the first 1,000 hours of operation

When the leadership of Landscapes USA (LUSA), a nationwide family of landscaping companies, met with RC Mowers staff at the 2021 EQUIP Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, they had no idea how the robotic mowing company would change their business.

But when Regional Vice President Daniel Stagg calculated the man-hours their TK-60XP saved after LUSA purchased RC Mowers’ largest remote-operated robotic mower, he couldn’t believe how much LUSA had saved.

“We had only taken it out for one round of customers – which totaled about 960-1,000 hours – and it proved to have made a 92% savings in labor,” Stagg said. “And that was our first time using it! We hadn’t even learned how to make it more efficient. We’ve probably squeezed another one to three percentage points in savings now that we’ve mastered it better.”

Stagg said that in years past, LUSA had to hire several employees to handle all the steep-slope work the company had – if they could even get the labor. He said finding the labor has always been difficult but, now, they can send one employee with the remote-operated mower to get all their slope jobs done instead of an entire crew.

LUSA, which is headquartered in Austin, Texas, has locations throughout Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona and California. Services include both residential and commercial landscaping along with services such as landscape design and installation, grading and soil preparation, mulching, tree planting and removal, and slope maintenance.

Stagg said that the TK-60XP has allowed LUSA to better service their customers with steep slopes and has allowed the company to expand its growth.

“We have been able to go after even more slope work as a result of owning the mower,” he said. “We’re able to serve our current clients more efficiently and go after the business other landscaping companies might not want because of the man-hours necessary to stay ahead of the maintenance of steep slopes.”

Stagg said he is also impressed with how safe the TK-60XP is and how it has allowed his company to reduce the risk of slips and falls down to practically nothing.

“Safety is always a top priority for us,” he said. “Since we’ve been using our RC Mowers machine, we’ve not had any slips or falls. It has made a positive impact on our safety initiatives.”