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Robotic Lawn Mower vs Human-Operated Mower 

While the newest thing is not always the better thing, the same can be said for the traditional way not necessarily being the best way. In the case of commercial mowing—robotics are proving to be both better and best. In the proper settings, under the right conditions, robotic mowers and autonomous mowers are highly effective and clearly advantageous vs traditional mowing and traditional mowers. Autonomous mowing machines work in conventional mowing environments allowing you to scale up your business with the workforce you have and secure larger, and lucrative, mowing contracts. Robotic remote-controlled mowers allow you to mow in steep and difficult environments safely, efficiently and profitably.

How Does a Traditional Mower Differ From a Robotic Mower? 

Traditional lawn mowers in conventional mowing environments rely on human operation, requiring manual guidance for each machine to cut grass. Autonomous mowers are guided by sensors and programmed boundaries. They mow without a rider, freeing up staff for detailed landscape work. And they allow companies to scale their businesses without adding to their workforce.

Traditional lawn mowers in hilly and extreme terrain environments also rely on human operation, often putting humans at great risk of injury. Often these types of jobs require an excessive amount of time to complete by hand. Robotic remote-controlled mowers allow personnel to operate the machine from a safe, stable distance. These specialized machines give operations the ability to create new niche revenue with less labor and do it all safety.

Benefits of a Robotic Mower 

Traditional mowers will continue to yield traditional benefits—which are no longer acceptable due to labor considerations and vanishing profit margins. Robotic mowers and robotic mowing open a new avenue of work and revenue. Here are some of the top advantages to adding robotic and/or autonomous mowing to your operation: 

Reducing Labor Requirements

The landscape industry is plagued with a labor shortage, and it’s not getting any better. Using robotic and autonomous mowers allow operations to do the work they have and take on new work with their existing workforce. A specialty job that required six crew members with string-trimmers can now be done with one operator and a robotic mower. A traditional mowing job can be autonomously completed with one-third the labor force.

High-Value Niche Revenue

Remote-controlled robotic mowers designed for steep conditions and rough terrain allow a business to bid and win specialty niche work and benefit from the added revenue. With these unique machines, landscape contractors can do the work that their competitors can’t or won’t.


In the case of hills and difficult terrain work, robotic mowers go where man-with-string-trimmer should never go. Cutting steep slopes on a riding mower is a rollover just waiting to happen. Robotic mowers are highly efficient and keep people out of harm’s way.

Autonomous mowers in conventional conditions keep humans from enduring hours of bumpy, hot, dusty and monotonous work, and more importantly, reduce the risk of human error.


These types of robotic and autonomous mowers give a landscape contractor tremendous flexibility and add to the variety of work they can perform, and how they deploy their workforce. 

Improved Working Conditions

Safety tops the list. Comfort and variety come a close second and third. Both robotic and autonomously operated mowers give employees an opportunity to learn new skills and increase their value to the company and their marketability in the industry. 

Lower Employee Turnover and Improved Recruiting

Running robotic and autonomous machines is fun. Being ahead of the curve in technology and industry thinking makes a company much more desirable for high-value workers. And once on staff, retention becomes far easier.

Greater Efficiency

Robotic mowers take unpredictable elements out of your business equation. Robots don’t call in sick, don’t take calls at the job site, and don’t lose focus while working. These machines can perform at a highly effective and productive rate for hours on end. This allows your people to do what they do best in terms of detailed landscape work and customer relations.

Robotic Mowers From RC Mowers

Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers by RC Mowers are on the leading edge of specialty mowing. And RC Mowers Autonomous Mowing Robots™ are setting the standard for extreme efficiency and labor-saving productivity. 

The R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers:

Engineered for labor-efficient, heavy-duty, specialty landscaping work.

  • Up to 50-degree sloping capabilities without a winch
  • Ability to move through dense brush
  • Ability to crush hazardous and rough terrain
  • Innovative technology 
  • Cast iron spindle and bearings
  • Soft-start clutch system
  • Reinforced bumper
  • Heightened ground clearance
  • Reduced width to fit standard trailers

Autonomous Mowing Robots™

Designed to alleviate labor shortages, provide a pristine cut and free staff up for detailed landscape tasks. 

  • Various safety features (anti-collision, safety interlock, E-Stop, LiDAR detection system)
  • Security features
  • Environment light
  • Remote start
  • 500-foot operating range

Where Can You Use a Robotic Mower?

Our R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers are extremely versatile in their use across a wide range of specialized applications. These highly-profitable applications are out of reach for most landscape contractors, or municipality workforces. The R Series mowers provide access without risk, and profit without labor headaches. 

Here are a few of the applications for the R Series:

Essentially, the R Series is most at home on slopes up to 50° without a winch and cutting material up to 1.5 inches in diameter. In other words, the tough work.

  • Canals
  • Retention Ponds
  • Bridge Embankments
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Storm Water Canals
  • Levees and Dams
  • Reservoirs
  • Roadsides
  • Landfills
  • Catch Basins
  • Empty Lots
  • Ditches
  • Containment Berms
  • Fire Fuels Reduction
  • Fire Abatement 

Increase Versatility and Efficiency With Robotic Mowers

Traditional mowers limit your ability to scale your business due to the difficulty of finding and retaining labor. Our Autonomous Mowing Robots work in conventional mowing environments allowing you to grow and strengthen your business with the workforce you have. You can turn break-even or losing mowing services into money-makers.

Traditional mowers and conventional techniques simply don’t work safely in difficult terrain. Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers from RC Mowers solve the problem of access, not only physically, but business-wise. Secure niche work and revenue with less labor and keep your people safer than ever. 

At RC Mowers, we assist you in every possible aspect of bringing autonomy and robotics into your operation. Contact us about scheduling a demo of these products in the location of your choice.