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Federal Public Works

Federal public works departments keep public property safe, clean, and easy on the eyes. What happens when public works tasks fall by the wayside? With RC Mowers, they don't have to. Our purpose-built machine takes public grounds maintenance to new heights (with no slope mowing required). 

Responsibilities of Federal Public Works Departments

Public works departments are in charge of all things public infrastructure. These teams handle essential upkeep for areas like government-owned buildings and the land surrounding them. The goal of these departments is to create safe, clean, and productive spaces for the federal employees and communities that rely on them. More granular tasks could include:

  • Construction work
  • Electrical repairs
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Janitorial

Challenges in Government Construction Work and Maintenance

Federal public works projects are essential to communities, but they also involve plenty of hurdles. Some of the biggest challenges for these teams are:

  • Neglected facilities:Many government facilities are in a state of deferred maintenance. The result? Buildings are rundown and underused. The federal government continues to pay for these facilities despite the lack of use, and budgets for maintaining other buildings drop as a result.
  • High costs: Between the number of personnel needed and the more in-depth requirements, public works projects come with several dollar signs attached. With a large percentage of government-funded construction projects going over budget, these teams need to find ways to cut costs wherever they can. 
  • Slow processes: Despite the pressing need for construction and maintenance, governments face a lot of red tape. Between public construction bids and procurement processes for maintenance, most projects are delayed. These teams need a way to save time during the actual work to make up for time lost during these early project phases. 

Optimize Efficiency With Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

With time and money on the line, efficiency tools for federal public works teams are non-negotiable — enter the R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers. Ground maintenance is an important part of public works, and the R Series is the go-to machine for getting this work done. It's powerful. It's high-tech. It's better than any other mower out there. 

Say goodbye to hours of ride-on mowing and staff shortages that add more time to the job. With R Series mowers, all you need is one operator and a property to mow. With the hours and dollars saved with the R Series Robotic Mower, public works teams can overcome some of their biggest hurdles. Plus, these powerful machines make the job safer. Keep personnel far away from roll-over risks, challenging brush, and dangerous critters, and let the R Series tackle the job. 

Ready to see the impact? Add Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers to your public works arsenal today. 

Up Your Public Works Game With RC Mowers

RC Mowers knows all about the challenges public works teams face during federal construction projects and maintenance demands. And we created the solution. With the R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mower, expensive and time-consuming grounds maintenance is a thing of the past. Up your public works game — request a demo to see the R Series in action. Wanna learn more? Reach out to our team today.