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Federal Road Departments

The Department of Transportation (DOT) and municipal departments have to maintain roadways for safety, function, and resident happiness. While plenty of these maintenance tasks can be done manually, there are far better ways to tackle them. Road departments keep up with and keep ahead of maintenance thanks to Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers from RC Mowers.

Responsibilities of DOT Maintenance Teams

The purpose of road maintenance teams is to keep the roads safe for driving. Over time, public roads wear down from weather and frequent use, resulting in a bumpy ride for drivers. Debris like tree branches also poses a risk to drivers. Some of the responsibilities of these maintenance teams include:

  • Surface treatment to seal cracks and chips in the pavement.
  • Shoulder upkeep to remove debris and maintain the grade for drainage.
  • Vegetation management to keep roads clear and improve drainage.

Road Maintenance Challenges

The biggest challenges that road maintenance teams face are:

  • Staff shortages: Finding plenty of employees for the job is far from easy. With constant staff shortages, road maintenance teams are left to handle big jobs without enough people.
  • Safety: Road maintenance is risky. Between fast traffic, steep roadside slopes, and creatures that could be lurking in the brush, maintenance professionals have a great deal to manage. 
  • Time constraints: Maintenance teams need to complete their jobs fast since their work can disrupt traffic. And traffic slowdowns equal unhappy taxpayers. Plus, these teams have a lot of ground to cover, so efficiency is paramount.

Get the Job Done with Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

Road and highway department maintenance is much more than just sweeping and pothole patching. Road maintenance teams have to think about the roadside, too. These areas usually feature slopes and vegetation that help prevent flooding, but overgrowth can be a risk. When vegetation gets too tall, it can block street signs, create blind spots around turns, and make it harder to pull over on the shoulder safely.

Get the Job Done with Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

Can you use a riding mower for roadside terrain? Sure, but good luck. Sometimes, the slope is too steep to be reasonably safe, which begs the question, what then? The answer is the R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mower. This rugged, efficient machine transforms the way state road maintenance is done. Say goodbye to rollover risk and get the job done in a fraction of the time with less manpower required.

Level Up State Road Maintenance With RC Mowers 

Between staff shortages and safety concerns, mowing roadside terrain needs a better solution than a ride-on mower. R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers are what your maintenance team needs to stay versatile, stay safe, and stay on top of high-value niche revenue. With a user-friendly LCD screen, you can navigate the mower from a safe spot, while the rugged design of the R Series allows it handle the toughest terrain.

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