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Landscaping Contractors

Landscapers make commercial grounds and residential properties easier on the eyes (and easier to walk through). While plenty of people count on landscaping contractors to handle their acreage and plant care, these teams are still faced with challenges in efficiency and safety. With RC Mowers, your team can mow over these hurdles without a second thought. 

Landscaping Contractor Responsibilities

Landscaping contractors provide commercial and residential services for acreage. The main responsibilities of these teams include:

  • Designing landscapes with plants, trees, mulch, pathways, and more.
  • Installing greenery, pathways, and other features to bring design specs to life.
  • Maintaining land and plant life to keep up curb appeal and maintain functionality.

Challenges for Landscaping Contractors

Thanks to landscape contractors, properties are as beautiful as they are functional. Still, landscapers run into hurdles like:

  • Staffing shortages: Many industries continue to face staffing shortages, and landscaping is one of them. Most attempts at adding new employees to your team end up falling flat, so you need to find a way to make do with the team you have.
  • Low productivity:Landscaping projects are no joke. With large plots of land and plenty of tasks on your to-do list, your small team isn't enough to keep up with the work. Lower productivity means less opportunity to take on new jobs and grow your business. Purpose-built efficiency tools for landscaping contractors are the key. 
  • Safety requirements: Safety first is the golden rule for manual labor like landscaping, but how many teams follow through? Between brush, steep slopes, and snakes lurking in the grass, risks can be tough to avoid. 

The Ultimate Landscaping Equipment From RC Mowers

Your landscaping machinery is the MVP of your work. With the right equipment, your team has the efficiency and precision needed to get the job done. Looking for equipment to help you do just that? Look no further than RC Mowers. 

Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

The R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mower is a badass machine that takes terrain design and maintenance to a new level. Rugged treads, cast iron bearings, and a water-resistant control system make the R Series worth every penny. 

Use it to tackle stubborn brush and navigate steep slopes without putting your team at risk. The adjustable height mechanism makes it easy to prep the R Series for every type of terrain, and the clarity and visibility of the camera lets operators navigate with precision.

Autonomous Mowing Robots™

Defy staffing shortages in the landscaping industry with our Autonomous Mowing Robots (AMRs). Sophisticated self-driving technology makes the AMRs intelligent mowing machines guided only by powerful vision software. The AMR is more than a landscaping powerhouse. It's a revenue magnet. The ability to run two to three mowers with a single operator helps you take on multiple massive projects without thinking twice. 

Scale with less labor and advance your profitability beyond what you thought possible. With the AMR, the investment pays for itself.

Upgrade Your Landscaping Tools With RC Mowers

RC Mowers helps your landscaping team get the job done. Using machinery in landscaping isn't new, but the technology behind the R Series and AMR certainly is. See what Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers and Autonomous Mowing Robots can do — request a demo today. Have questions? We have answers. Reach out to our team to learn more.