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Redefining the Business of Mowing

The idea, the motivation, and the meaning behind this statement is simple: We are zealously devoted to, and designed for, the success of our customers’ and dealers’ businesses.

Redefining the Business of Mowing is a call to disrupt and dismantle the buy-and-goodbye ways of this industry. Our machines are just the most obvious (and loudest) aspect of how we help you succeed. We aim to have a positive, tangible, and foldable effect on your business from inside-out, top-to-bottom, day-after-day—like helping you reduce labor headaches, add new revenue and profit, protect your workforce, and present new opportunities to your people.

An RC Mowers purchase goes far beyond an exchange of product and money. The RC Mowers Success System™ (“The Success System”) is a philosophy and rock-solid set of policies that underly and bind all of our actions and attitudes.

The Success System is built on clear, iron-clad policies that fortify our commitment to you, including our 30-Day Buy-Back Guarantee, our 72-Hour Parts Shipping Promise, and Made in the USA excellence. It’s as simple as returning your call before your current cup of coffee cools. It’s as overt as our people on planes parachuting (metaphorically) into a position of immediate service. It’s Autonomous Mowing Robots™ and Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers that perform aggressively and consistently to transform our customers’ businesses.

Our proprietary Success System takes the form of pre-delivery planning and implementation guidance; on-site training and certification; ongoing data analysis and sharing; ready-made tools for communicating with your staff, customers and community; work-site and vehicle signage and recommendations; second-to-none service every step of the way; and so much more.

We developed The Success System to be an exceptional competitive advantage for your operation. The Success System is an ongoing flow of knowledge, support, ideas, energy and countless other ways that all of us at RC Mowers dig deeper on your behalf.

Building Where We Live

Our machines, like our work ethic, are Made in the USA. If you
aren’t familiar with Suamico, Wisconsin, we guard the northern flank of Green Bay (the city). Our customers want American-built and American-supported products, and so do we. 

Buy Fearlessly

Take a month to run your RC Mowers purchase. We believe if a customer isn’t getting serious value from our product, that customer should be fully refunded and appreciated. Our 30-Day Buy-Back Guarantee is a steel-bound Success System pledge.

Downtime Doesn't Work

Sometimes things break. Downtime is expensive, frustrating, and very bad for business. So when you need it, our 72-Hour Parts Shipping Guaranteeis ready to defeat downtime and put you back in the field in a streamlined, no-fuss hurry.

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