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R SERIES UPGRADED, UPDATED & READY TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS UPWARD. Introducing the R Series, our newly updated and enhanced Remote-Operated Robotic Mower line. We are constantly evolving and raising the standards of excellence at RC Mowers. More than ever, these machines are purpose-built for seriously steep slopes and truly extreme landscapes. While their performance in the field is incredible, what they can do for your business is game-changing.

The R Series is built for high-efficiency. Mow slopes and hazardous terrain in half the time with just a crew of one.

The R Series is designed to help you secure niche revenue... leaving your competitors wondering what just hit them.

The R Series is the best way to keep staff safe on steep and hazardous terrain.


These slope-climbing, terrain-dominating Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers will also change the landscape of your business. Since 2018, RC Mowers has been learning, testing, rethinking and innovating forward. And now, we present the all-new R Series.

Built From Scratch. We took charge of everything and purpose-built these machines from the ground up. Taking control of and pride in all aspects of its production.

First-Cut Superiority. Our upgraded rear-discharge deck improves first-pass yield by over 100%. Larger deck opening increases infeed and counter-rotating blades enhance distribution.

Visionary Tech. The R Series camera system is second to none for clarity, visibility, and safety.

Soft-Start Clutch System. Our machines can power through the hardest conditions—but we‘ve found smart ways to soften the blow on parts with our new Soft-Start clutch system.

Spindle & Bearings. We’ve rebuilt our spindle from cast iron (enough said). We’ve installed 30% stronger bearings.

Bumped Up. Our newly redesigned bumper provides more protection and get-’er-done confidence.

New Heights. Ground clearance has been increased, and adjusting height is easier with magnetic pins and top-down access.

The Right Fit. By slightly reducing the width of the R-60 model, now all R Series mowers fit most standard landscaping trailers.

Big improvements make short work of the most difficult and inaccessible terrain. This is the terrain AND the revenue that are difficult for your competitors to access. Competitive advantage—You.


If you’re not entirely sure how an R Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mower fits into your plan, or which model is right for your operation, simply contact us. An RC Mowers Regional Sales Manager will happily advise your smartest move. We love talking the business of mowing.


With a sleek, simple, and safety-forward design, our remote control system is designed for precision and ease. The rugged and water-resistant commercial-grade control is included with all RC Mowers models and further ensures the safety of your workers and your slope mowing efficiency. Unique features include:

▸ Commercial-grade & water-resistant

▸ Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

▸ 1-Hour charge & up to 20 hours run time

▸ Neck & waist straps for comfort

▸ AC wall charger & 12 volt car charger

▸ 1,000-foot signal range

▸ 900 MHz system

▸ Waterproof carrying case

▸ Emergency shutdown button

▸ Active drive enable system

▸ LCD screen with real-time information & diagnostics

▸ Horn alert system

▸ Auto maximum distance & signal loss shutdown

▸ Remote control tilt/drop sensors (auto shutdown)

▸ PTO safety interlock programming

▸ Slow speed auto select on start-up

▸ Low voltage monitor


MAKING WORK MUCH SAFER & DARE WE SAY, FUN. RC Mowers was founded on the idea of mowing slopes safely. As a result, our Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers are designed with a host of integrated safety features and are tested regularly. We monitor changing OSHA and ANSI regulations to ensure that our machines not only maintain, but exceed, compliance standards and best practices for the operator, equipment and environment.

▸ Automatic parking brake
▸ Thrown object chain guards
▸ Deck height transport lock setting
▸ Muffler heat shield
▸ LED strobe light
▸ LED driving lights
▸ Alert horn
▸ Excessive slope warning
▸ Roll-over auto shut down
▸ Emergency shut down switch
▸ Low oil pressure warnings

See It and Believe It

"I will never get tired of seeing veteran municipal employees go from disinterest to jaw-dropping amazement at seeing these machines handily mow incredibly steep slopes and very difficult terrain.” –Jordan Perkins, RC Mowers National Sales Manager

Request a demo to see for yourself how our robotic mowing solutions deliver new revenue streams, safer working conditions, more capabilities, better work environments, and the ability to retain and protect your workers.