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Introducing the all-new

Redefining the Business of Mowing

The Autonomous Mowing Robot™ is a revolutionary product that directly addresses the labor availability problems in the landscaping industry. With our autonomous mowers, landscape contractors can reduce the number of employees needed to handle mowing jobs. Our AMR’s allow a single operator to generate the same revenue as a crew of three. RC Mowers’ Autonomous Mowing Robots provide the opportunity to increase profit from mowing services, which traditionally is the number one source of landscaping companies’ revenue but also generally the least profitable.


▸ Reduce your labor needs
▸ Manage fewer employees and their problems
▸ Scale your business with less labor
▸ Let your high-value talent do high-value work

Autonomous Mowing Robots are drama-free.
They show up on time, do precise work, pass drug tests and don't complain.

Autonomous Mowing Robot

[MODEL A-60]

▸ 60" Cut
▸ Kawasaki FX730V, 23.5 HP, 726cc Engine
▸ Hydro-Gear® ZT-3200 Transmission
▸ 5.0 gal (18.8 L) Fuel Tank
▸ Mows 1.5 to 2.2 acres per hour                    
▸ Parking Brake is push-button enabled when rider present. Automatic in autonomous mode.

$54,950 MSRP
+ $199/mo. Connection Fee (first year included with purchase)

Watch it Work

autonomous mowing robot mowing autonomously with a self driving commercial mower

With a focus on the most advanced technology and safety in mind, our Autonomous Mowing Robots were designed and built by the RC Mowers Robotics team – a team of cross-industry heavy-hitters, led by the experts who developed the U.S. military’s weapons guidance systems, and includes experts who worked to develop U.S. Department of Defense autonomous vehicles as well as leading experts in aviation safety.


We make success real easy. Use our proprietary app and our Simple Mow™ technology to put a single operator to work creating the same revenue as a crew of three. Labor problems solved. Let's go. 

Controlled by a Simple, Easy-to-Use App

Display real-time mowing progress and estimated completion time

Set striping direction and overlap width

Set mowing speed

Edit mowing plans:  add / delete / modify / rename

View fuel status and low fuel notification

Displays real time mower status and fault messages

Pause and resume each mower separately or as a group

Sort saved mowing plans by distance to current location, plan name, and other means

The most advanced autonomous technology + safety systems

Operating range500 feet

Anti-CollisonSafety system prevents collision with people, animals, and other objects. Machine stops when approached.

Object DetectionCan detect basketball-sized objects and larger. Slows and then stops for objects in or near path. Auto resumes when object is cleared.

Safe EnableWill only operate autonomously when located inside of the mowing plan boundary.

Safety InterlockWill not operate autonomously with seat occupied.

Environment LightWorks in any lighting conditions.

SecurityAutonomy mode requires operator authentication.

Status LightsDaylight visible machine status lights.

Emergency-StopMachine mounted.

Remote Emergency-StopSingle belt clipped device controls up to 3 machines at once.

Remote Start included