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The Business of Mowing: Case Studies

Apex Unlimited Services, headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania, provides a wide range of vegetation management services to their customers.  They built their company on solid values, pride in their work, and on building long-term, lasting relationships with their clients and community.  With a perfect safety record, Apex is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve working conditions.
Fighting – and losing – the battle againstphragmites that were overtaking their landscape, Oneida Nation's Environmental Health & Safety Division needed an effective tool for taming the invasive species. RC Mowers' tracked TK-52XP remote-operated slope mower empowers them to safely and easily navigate wet, boggy, and sloped areas while providing a natural and environmentally friendly way to control the invasive reed.
Home to various beautiful terrain and vegetation types, Maui County, HI, was desperately seeking a better solution to its slope mowing challenges. After partnering with RC Mowers and utilizing our TK-52XP remote-operated slope mower, Maui County has not only been able to optimize slope mowing time and staff, but they have also shared the slope mower with other municipal facilities in the area and have found new, unanticipated uses.
Before partnering with RC Mowers, LeHigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (LA-MSID) struggled to maintain over 300 miles of canals without sacrificing the time and safety of its employees. Since purchasing our TK-52XP remote-operated slope mower, canal maintenance has gone from a struggle to a breeze, freeing up the LA-MSID’s team to accomplish more, with the same resources.

Though Pro Cutter Lawnscapers of Georgia was well-equipped to handle large-scale lawn care and mowing contracts, their contract for the maintenance and beautification of over 900 GA retention ponds pushed them beyond the capacity of their existing fleet of machines. After purchasing RC Mowers’ remote-operated TK-52XP tracked slope mower, they have reduced their slope-mowing crews by half, and now utilize that time and those team members to complete other mowing jobs.

Tired of maintaining their course with a crew of 4 push-mowers wearing football cleats for traction, the Woodhill Country Club knew a better solution was out there. RC Mowers’ TK-44E remote-operated slope mower helps maintain sloped areas around the course with just one staff member—who can safely mow the steep hills from flat ground.