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Retention Pond Clean Up With RC Mowers

A Clear View. A Clear Solution.

Retention pond maintenance is no joke. With an impressive range of vegetation and undeniably steep slopes, these locales pose huge risks to grounds maintenance teams. Despite the mowing risks, retention pond clean out can't be neglected—towns need these areas to prevent major floods. Maintenance crews need a safer, more efficient solution: Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers from RC Mowers.

Safe, Effective Maintenance of Retention Basins and Stormwater Ponds

When the 10-year or the 100-year rain event happens, or for that matter, a 30-minute downpour, you do not want to wonder if your retention basin or stormwater pond is up to the task. It seems simple—dig a hole in the ground and collect overflow water for gradual drainage and controlled release. Well, as you know, it’s not quite that simple.
These ponds and basins are extremely vital to the health of ecosystems and to the protection of surrounding property. From preventing flooding to storing water, retention and detention ponds are key players in water management. They require regular inspection, and in order to inspect them properly and thoroughly, the embankment growth, right up to the waterline, must be properly regulated.  

Failure Is Not an Option (That You Want to Experience)

Slope stabilization is a critical maintenance task for retention ponds to ensure water flows and drains. In order to discover weak spots or flaws in an embankment, the surface vegetation must be well-maintained. While a certain level of growth is helpful for water filtration and the control of pollutants, excess vegetation will hide problems such as tunneling from moles, gophers, or groundhogs. 

In addition, invasive plants, like cattails, can clog and restrict effective pond drainage, while crowding out more beneficial plants. Overall, the embank needs to be clear enough for a precise visual inspection. Municipalities will regularly call for inspections—be ready to ace it with terrain that is easily inspected and most likely to pass.

Mowing Confidently and Efficiently

Ponds mean embankments, and mowing embankments can be difficult and dangerous. Push mowers can be nearly impossible to manage, and riding mowers create the very real possibility of life-threatening roll-overs. Cutting these inclines by way of a large crew with string trimmers negotiating slopes and rough terrain is tedious, time-consuming, and just a misstep away from a broken ankle.  

RC Mowers Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers are engineered to hold a steep hill, operating effectively on inclines up to 50°. The advantages continue with the fact that our Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers allow you to overcome the constant battle of fielding a reliable crew. As you know, labor is a serious issue, and we have a serious solution. 

Go from a team of six string-trimming employees to a single dependable worker with our machine working from a stable and secure position. You also have the ability to mow practically into the pond, as our mowers can handle mud. The job is done faster, more productively, far safer, and everyone stays dry.

Maintenance at a Higher Level

Vegetation control is one aspect of pond and basin maintenance, which can include erosion control and sediment removal. But ultimately, in order to determine the structural integrity of a stormwater basin or retention pond, access is critical. Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers give you the means to fully expose embankments for thorough inspection or repair. Consider the game-changing advantages of RC Mowers—because you know the rains are coming.

Keep Retention Ponds in Top Shape With Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

Work faster, smarter, and safer with Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers that have proven over and over again to be time-savers, money-makers, and staff-protectors. RC Mowers offers the industry's leading solution for maintaining retention ponds and other unsafe areas. Learn more from our experts or request a hands-on demo to get up close and personal with our Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers. 

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