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The Business of Mowing: Case Studies

“In 25 minutes, this machine will clear a job that used to take me 9-12 hours with a weed whacker. I dare you to write that because it sure sounds like B.S. But it’s true,” challenged Mr. Shields. 
“This mower is so efficient, that we can take those four to five workers off that detail and let the mower handle it,” he said. “That means we can use those workers for more detailed work or on other projects. It’s already saved us 20% in gross margin. That is just fantastic.”
Davis said one of the major selling points he considered when making the decision to go with the RC Mowers AMRs is the ability to build their self-driving mowers using existing technology and logic.
O’Connell Landscape Maintenance Regional Vice President Jim Galen says his three RC Mowers remote-operated mowers have allowed his team to power through labor shortages at the same time they help him meet regulatory requirements related to fire mitigation. The primary role of the machines is to clear the fuel modification areas that keep flammable brush away from residential and commercial locations. 
“So far, since putting the RC Mowers machine in service in May, we’ve logged approximately 70 hours and it is saving us lots of time, cutting the amount of time to mow steep, sensitive spots that would take 2-3 times as long with manual equipment,” said Ben Casper, manager of operations for MCD. “In addition to the time savings, the job is able to be done more safely.”

In years past, Landscapes USA had to hire several employees to handle all the steep-slope work the company had – if they could even get the labor. He said finding the labor has always been difficult but, now, they can send one employee with the remote-operated robotic mower to get all their slope jobs done instead of an entire crew.

For Lanracorp, a leader in pipeline and utility maintenance, taking care of the steep terrain that makes up the grounds of their refinery customers was an arduous job that required up to seven employees putting in hours of hard work to manually cut 30-degree slopes with weed trimmers.

So, when Lanracorp Operations Supervisor Brent Hoerig began searching for a solution, he was thrilled to find a mower that would allow him to cut the number of employees needed for one job from seven to two and a half.

The City of Midland's road department is primarily using the RC Mowers TK-52XP to mow steep inclines and other hard to reach places. He said, ”I wouldn’t want my team to use tractors on these steep areas as the tractors could tip over. It just wasn’t safe to use tractors or other tools there and safety is a big deal.”
The City of Portland is committed to addressing safety. In the past, they were worried about significant consequences and/or liability if there was any flooding due to lack of maintenance or an injury due to unsafe equipment or methods.

RC Mowers has enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs, added Jeremy Comer. “It also gives us more opportunity to do the longer-term work.”  “In the past, when we had to tell our employees that they would be using string trimmers for two weeks, or that they would have to run mowers on hillsides for two weeks straight, they would dread it,” said Jeremy. “The RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mower makes it so much more fun for them. They just stand there and operate the remote.”

Tim Cowder, CEO of Mighty Mouse Services, says one of his biggest challenges is finding good employees because “the days of people wanting to do manual labor are ending.” About a year ago, he saw a successful tree removal company that had all kinds of remote-operated tools.
Ryan Aldridge of Servant Specialty Mowing wanted to make a living out of cutting grass, but quickly saw that the residential mowing market is saturated. Then he discovered specialty mowing. He came across a YouTube video on RC Mowers and finally decided to establish a business around mowing steep slopes and wet areas. After being wowed by the RC Mowers tracked slope mowers during the company’s Great American Road Show, he decided to purchase one.