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Government Contracts

Government contracts simplify the purchasing and procurement process by outlining clear deliverables and pricing using predetermined contract terms and conditions.

This works to your advantage because:

▸ Combining the buying power of multiple government organizations ensures that pricing is set and consistent, resulting in fair business dealings across the board.

▸ Usually complex processes and time-consuming paperwork is already completed up-front.

▸ The vendors/companies on the contract are already approved and vetted to ensure the highest-quality products and services.

PLEASE NOTE:  RC Mowers’ contracts are held under our legal entity name, “Embankscape Equipment LLC.”


      BuyBoard Purchasing Program - Park Place Recreation Designs


      BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing

      Contract: 611-20 Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Irrigation Parts, Supplies and Installation

      Who Can Use: Membership is free to government and non-profit entities. BuyBoard has a National Purchasing Cooperative for members across the USA as well as a Texas Cooperative for members in Texas.

      How to Become a Member

      Vendor List


      HGAC Cooperative Purchasing


      Contract: GR20AAF1 Grounds & Turf Equipment

      Who Can Use: Local governments, states, state agencies, and certain non-profit corporations. Most states have interlocal cooperation authority or other joint power provisions that allow participation in cooperative activities. Government entities join HGACBuy by executing an Interlocal Contract to become an End User.

      How to Become a Member

      RC Mowers Contract

      remote control slope mower on Florida Sheriff's contract

      Florida Sheriff's Association

      Contract:  FSA20-EQU18.0: HEAVY EQUIPMENT

      Who Can Use: Contract pricing will be extended and guaranteed to any and all units of local governments/political subdivisions including but not limited to county sheriffs, county government, local county board of public instruction, municipalities and/or police agencies, other local public or public safety agencies or authorities within the State of Florida and the state universities and colleges. 

      How to Become a Member

      Oklahoma City

      City of Oklahoma City & Trusts

      Contract: C218052 Grounds Maintenance and Miscellaneous Small Equipment

      Who Can Use: City of Oklahoma City & Public Trust departments


      steep slope mowers available through minnesota dot purchasing contract

      State of Minnesota

      Contract: 179163 Turf Management Equipment (T-775(5))

      Who Can Use: State of Minnesota agencies and Cooperative Purchasing Venture (CPV) members. Local government and non-profit agencies may become a CPV member to purchase goods and services under contracts established by the State of Minnesota. 

      Become a CPV Member


      Purchasing Contracts for Procurement Process - OGS, GSA, NCPA 

      New York OGS

      Contract: 22935 Heavy Equipment Rental (Held by Authorized Dealer J&J Equipment

      Who Can Use: New York State Agencies, political subdivisions, local governments, public authorities, public school and fire districts, public and nonprofit libraries, and certain other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations.

      OGS Contract Details

      hillside steep slope mower available through ohio dot purchasing contract  

      Ohio DOT

      Contract: 270-20 Remote Controlled Slope Mowers and Brush Cutters

      Who Can Use: Ohio DOT and any Political Subdivision, State university or college, Ohio Turnpike & Infrastructure Commission, or State Agency by the ODOT Cooperative Purchasing Program.

      Ohio Cooperative Purchasing


       Indiana Department of Transportation - Wikipedia

      Indiana Department of Transportation

      Contract: Equipment Rental Program - Season 1 (Held by Authorized Dealer Brown Equipment Company)

      Who Can Use: Indiana Department of Transportation

      IDOT Contract Details



      State of Mississippi Department of Finance & Administration

      Contract: Grounds Maintenance Equipment (8200055860)

      Who Can Use: Mississippi Government Agencies (& Non-Profit)

      MS Contract Details