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June 4, 2020

For many municipalities, mowing and maintenance of terrain like slopes, heavy brush, and wetlands provide an ongoing challenge. Florida’s Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District (LA-MSID) is no exception. Working to preserve and manage natural and community resources, the LA-MSID provides safe, reliable, and highquality services to maximize resources and protect the environment. In addition to offering services like drainage and flood control, road and bridge maintenance, park maintenance, and community signage, LA-MSID is responsible for over 300 miles of canals, which require dredging and mowing to maintain. 

Before partnering with RC Mowers, the canals were mowed only three times per year to maintain erosion control, drainage, and to ensure safe passageways. The work was traditionally done with boom mowers, and in many cases, also required a team of employees with weed whackers to execute by hand. Though the canals could benefit from increased mowing attention, LA-MSID’s chosen maintenance method often opened the door for increased injuries and worker fatigue. It was also an inefficient use of time and resources. Given Florida’s 46 native snake species, many of which are poisonous, snake bites were also a concern. Increasing canal maintenance wasn’t a viable option for LA-MSID if something didn’t change.

“Canal work is known to cause several injuries due to falls, cuts from the weed whacker, and snake bites. After an hour in the hot sun, operators typically begin to lose focus, which increases the risk of injury.”  –Mike Cook, Assistant District Manager, Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District

Since LA-MSID focuses on protecting the environment while maximizing its resources, Mike knew he had to find a more efficient canal maintenance solution to keep his employees safe and make mowing more efficient. Enter RC Mowers' innovative remote-operated slope mowers.

After consulting our highly-trained sales team, Mike was convinced that an RC Mower remote-operated slope mower was ideal for his canal maintenance challenges. Within a few short weeks of using our TK-52XP slope mower, LA-MSID was maintaining canals more efficiently than ever before while minimizing employee risk and injury and freeing up their staff for other tasks. Mike and his team also found other uses for their slope mower, allowing the LA-MSID to maintain previously unkempt terrain.

“We are very excited to have our team working in safer conditions in other much-needed areas.” –Mike Cook, Assistant District Manager, Lehigh Acres Municipal Services Improvement District

RC Mowers’ remote-operated slope mowers are equipped to maintain sloped terrain up to 50-degrees, creating new opportunities and making slope mowing safer and more efficient so your employees can optimize their time elsewhere. With multiple trackedmodels, our 100% American-made slope mowers are the perfect addition to your terrain maintenance arsenal. Contact a certified RC Mowers’ dealer to learn more about our game-changing machines or see them in action, coming to a slope near you.