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RC Mowers Saves Arazoza Brothers Corp. 20% in Gross Margin

When Arazoza Brothers Branch Manager Chris Cesaro first saw the RC Mowers TK-52XP in use, it was a “life-changing” event.

The company purchased the Remote-Operated Robotic Mower a little more than a year ago after seeing the mower in action during an off-chance meeting.

“We had an RC Mowers representative stop by one of our job sites and ask if we were interested in doing a demo. We took them up on it, and it changed our lives,” Cesaro said. “They just happened to have the mower with them and started it up right there. We were so impressed, we had to buy one.”

Headquartered in Miami, Arazoza Brothers has been one of Florida’s top commercial landscaping companies for more than 30 years. In addition to regular landscaping work, the company provides comprehensive maintenance, tree and nursery, and irrigation services.

Cesaro has spent 27 years as an accident and injury investigator for large landscaping companies and he immediately saw how the remote-operated mower could help reduce accidents on the job.

One of the primary components of Arazoza Brothers’ landscaping jobs is to mow overpasses and slopes around major roadways. In the past, Cesaro and the company’s other crew chiefs would have to put four to five workers on these slopes and overpasses just to maintain them.

"It’s already saved us 20% in gross margin. That is just fantastic.”

“This mower is so efficient, that we can take those four to five workers off that detail and let the mower handle it,” he said. “That means we can use those workers for more detailed work or on other projects. It’s already saved us 20% in gross margin. That is just fantastic.”

Cesaro said that he is also impressed with RC Mowers’ service.

“While the mower has been a workhorse, you still have to buy parts and fix the machine occasionally because of the amount of use it gets,” he said. “But, with RC Mowers, we either get a loaner to use while ours is being fixed or we can get the parts so quickly that we never have much down time. RC Mowers’ outstanding customer service is one of the best things about purchasing from them.”

Cesaro said the TK-52XP’s track system is one of the best he’s seen.

“We can use it anywhere – on ditch lines, near water and on thick vegetation,” he said. “It’s dependable and efficient, and it will go everywhere we need it to go. This results in a safer work environment and helps us better use our workforce to their abilities.”