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October 31, 2019

One of Georgia’s top landscaping companies, Pro Cutters Lawnscapes, strives for excellence in everything they do. Specializing in commercial lawns, roadside mowing, and vegetation and debris removal, Pro Cutters quickly grew into one of Georgia’s most-reliable landscaping partners. With their track record of proven success and their team of talented landscapers they manage the maintenance and beautification of over 900 retention ponds in Georgia.

Unlike Pro Cutters’ usual landscape work, maintaining retention ponds required equipment that could safely and efficiently mow both wet and sloped terrain while conquering thick brush and vegetation. Korey Sarjeant, Senior Business Development Manager at ProCutters Lawnscapes, saw an RC Mowers demonstration at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, Kentucky, and knew our slope mowing solutions had the potential to exceed their needs and conquer retention pond maintenance.

Korey consulted our experienced, highly-trained sales team for advice. After identifying Pro Cutters’ unique mowing and maintenance needs, we partnered with them in walking Korey through the demo, consultation, and purchasing process to get them outfitted with the RC Mowers’ TK-52XP remote-operated slope mower. Ideal for maintaining swamps or wetlands due to its tracked wheel mechanism and 50-degree slope mowing capability, the TK-52XP creates new opportunities for Pro Cutters by expanding their mowing capacity and keeping workers safer.

Since purchasing an RC Mowers tracked slope mower, Pro Cutters has realized actual cost savings directly related to labor hours and fuel. They had previously been doing the work with 5-man crews and weed eaters, and they are now able to achieve the same results with 1-2 man crews operating RC Mowers' equipment.

“In many cases, we have been able to reduce 5-man crews to 2-man crews. We have been able to use the machine on slopes near the interstate. In the past, we have done the work with 4-5 guys using weedeaters. With that there was always the risk of someone falling or getting hurt, now we can get the work done safely with 1-2 employees, and we have eliminated the risk of someone getting hurt.” –Korey Sarjeant, Senior Business Development Manager at ProCutter Lawnscapes 

Additionally, the slope mower increased their opportunities for growth and innovation, making previously un-maintainable spaces mowable, and freeing up time and team members who can be better utilized to complete other mowing jobs.

“Since we purchased our RC Mower, we have found that the machine works in so many different capacities. We’ve reached our ROI with the retention pond contract maintenance alone, but we’ve been able to save manpower and fuel in many other areas too.” –Korey Sarjeant, Senior Business Development Manager at ProCutter Lawnscapes

If operator safety and reduced labor costs are of high priority to your team, RC Mowers has your slope mowing solution. Contact an RCM Regional Sales Manager or request a demo to see the value that our safe, efficient solution can add to your mowing equipment arsenal.