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RC Mowers Machines Create Niche Revenue for Hawaii-based Grass Routes Mowing Services

Tyler Shields has been cutting his own path in the landscaping business since he was a scrappy middle-schooler in Philadelphia, PA. From this landlocked beginning, Tyler has been pushing and riding every mower make and model you can imagine. From the highly-manicured precision of country club work to the flexibility of parks and recreation cutting, Tyler knows grass and knows grass cutters. From there Tyler found his way to the west coast and far beyond to the Hawaiian island of Kauai.


As owner and operator of Grass Routes Mowing Services, Tyler works in the tropical hills of Kauai cutting the hard-to-reach, difficult-to-deal-with terrain of the island’s property owners. He does this efficiently, effectively and safely with his RC Mowers Remote-Operated Robotic Mower. His aptly named business, “Grass Routes” is specifically a reference to his RC Mowers machine which he claims can, “Cut a route through anything.”

The “anything” of Kauai often refers to Guinea, which is also called White Buffalo Grass. This is a highly invasive fibrous cattle grass that can grow to be 7 feet high and up to half an inch in diameter. Fortunately, Tyler’s Remote-Operated Robotic Mower can cut material up to 1.5” in diameter and climb up to a 50° incline on the wet winter hills of paradise.

“In 25 minutes, this machine will clear a job that used to take me 9-12 hours with a weed whacker." —Tyler Shields, Grass Routes Mowing Services

“In 25 minutes, this machine will clear a job that used to take me 9-12 hours with a weed whacker. I dare you to write that because it sure sounds like B.S. But it’s true,” challenged Mr. Shields. We absolutely will write it as it’s not the first time we’ve heard those sorts of ratios and realities.

Tyler originally discovered RC Mowers at a demo in Pennsylvania. “In 10 minutes I was sold.” Tyler continues, “This mower was built for this island. It replaced my big, unwieldy boom and tow cutters, transforming my business. I placed a couple of videos on Facebook Marketplace and the phone started ringing. It’s a badass machine and people are always stopping me to ask about it.”

Tyler Shields still has the spirit of the middle school kid cutting grass in Philly—but as a 37-year-old man he can also appreciate his RC Mowers unit for another reason. “It’s done my back wonders. I don’t spend the day banging on a mower or balancing on hills with string trimmer whizzing. I end the day full of energy and don’t go limping into my house.”

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We are very pleased to have Tyler and Grass Routes Mowing Services representing us in the state of Hawaii. We’ll leave with Tyler’s final comments, “I could not be happier. I’m already thinking about how I can get another.”