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December 7, 2021

Landscape Workshop has 10 branches across southeast United States. Jeremy Comer from the Birmingham, Alabama, office recently shared how they are using their RC Mowers TK-60XP, which they purchased in February of 2021. 

The company has several contracts with HOAs (home owners associations) to mow steep slopes on the back sides of homes. They are required to mow these three to four times per season and the area is often overgrown to 2’ or 3’ high brush. They also have many contracts with retail shopping centers to maintain both their steep slopes and their retention ponds (for run-off from the parking lots). In the past, they would do the work with a skid steer with a “bush hog” on the front,  but some slopes were too steep and/or the spaces were too tight to access. Often, they would have to do 50% of the work by hand with string trimmers. 

“In the past, when we had to tell our employees that they would be using string trimmers for two weeks, or that they would have to run mowers on hillsides for two weeks straight, they would dread it,” said Jeremy. “The RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mower makes it so much more fun for them. They just stand there and operate the remote.”

“It only takes one person with the RC Mowers remote to do the work of four people. Not only is it more fun for the operator, but they also avoid snakes and getting twisted ankles or other injuries.”

Oftentimes, retention ponds at shopping centers are steep and fenced in for safety. This makes them awkward to get into. Jeremy says that they also can be breeding grounds for snakes such as “Water Moccasins,” whose bites can be fatal. 

“With RC Mowers TK-60XP, we don’t have to worry about any of that. One person stands back with the remote and gets the job done.”

“One time we were working at a large HOA and a major golf course next door saw us using the mower and hired us to use the mower on all their steep slopes on the course," said Jeremy. “They liked that it was safer, faster and more efficient.”

“RC Mowers has enabled us to save tens of thousands of dollars in labor costs," added Jeremy. “It also gives us more opportunity to do the longer-term work.”