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Shannon Bates is the supervisor in charge of maintaining stormwater channels and drainage basins for the Midland, Texas, Department of Transportation. He bought an RC Mowers TK-52XP remote-operated robotic mower in January of 2021 because their traditional methods weren’t working for all the difficult areas they had to mow.

His team of five people are primarily using the TK-52XP to mow steep inclines and other hard to reach places. He said, ”I wouldn’t want my team to use tractors on these steep areas as the tractors could tip over. It just wasn’t safe to use tractors or other tools there and safety is a big deal.”

Among other things, his team is using the RC Mowers remote-operated robotic mower to mow miles upon miles of stormwater channels with steep inclines.

“One guy can just stand on the bottom of the channel and operate the mower from there. It is so much safer and more efficient than if he had to climb all over the embankments.”

Shannon says that in addition to the long and steep stormwater channels, they have been mowing in muddy places and he likes that he doesn’t have to send his team to stand in those areas. He is also pleased at how the mower cuts tall weeds.

 “My team said that using the remote control was just like operating a video game. They have a lot of fun with it. It is good for morale and team confidence. And they are sort of like rock stars out there. So many people who pass by stop to look at the mower and they want to take their photo with the mower and my guy with it.”  

He thinks the mower may even help in the tight labor market.

“We have to compete with oilfields for labor and this mower makes working for us more fun and much safer.”

Lastly, he complimented the team at RC Mowers and how nice they are to work with. “I like this company,” he said.

“They are easy to reach and always quickly answer all my questions.”