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July 1, 2019

Apex Unlimited Services, headquartered in Washington, Pennsylvania, provides a wide range of vegetation management services to their customers.  They built their company on solid values, pride in their work, and on building long-term, lasting relationships with their clients and community.  With a perfect safety record, Apex is always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve working conditions.

In 2019 Apex worked with Murphy Family Inc. (RC Mowers dealer) to purchase a TK-52XP robotic operated slope mower.  Before this, they were doing the work by hand with weed eaters.  A typical job would take around 5 hours and 4 employees - or 20 labor hours.  Now, with the remote-operated mower, they can do the same job in under 4 hours with 1 employee – allowing them to reallocate staff where they are really needed.   

“The biggest benefit is that it saves man-hours.  A lot of the places we maintain have retention ponds with steep banks.  We used to have to hand cut them with weed eaters, now we use the RCM and knock the work out in a fraction of the time allowing us to re-allocate the manpower elsewhere. It saves copious amounts of man hours.”  John Bednarski, Owner – Apex Unlimited Services

As with any business, dependability is critical with the equipment that Apex owns. And RC Mowers delivers. 

“The thing is built like a tank; we use it for a variety of applications.  It is an incredibly well-built machine that is relatively free of any mechanical issues.  It is a very reliable and durable machine.  We run it every day weather permitting.  We put it through the paces and it's been able to hold up - it's a heck of a machine.

The wide variety of work in the Apex portfolio includes commercial mowing, retention pond maintenance, heavy brush clearing, right-of-way mowing, and steep slope maintenance so equipment versatility is important.

“From cutting grass every 2 weeks at the pressure station to cutting grass waist high and higher.  During the fall months after the regular grass stops growing, we transition into the clearing side of our business - we do right of ways, so we can get into some tall, nasty stuff like 10-12’ briars.  RC Mowers are exceptional products.  That is the reason we bought a second machine.”

RC Mowers is proud to partner with companies like Apex who share our values of excellence.  If you are looking for a safe and efficient solution for your business, RC Mowers can help. 

We build high-tech, badass products right here in the USA.  We guarantee that our machine will deliver better results for your business, or we will buy it back.